Cotton jogger trousers dark blue
Cotton jogger trousers dark blue
Cotton jogger trousers dark blue
Cotton jogger trousers dark blue
Cotton jogger trousers dark blue

Cotton jogger trousers dark blue

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50% хлопок, 50% акрил
elastic, cord


Knitted joggers from TE(MB)R with nanoweaving.

TE(MB)R development is a special weave that does not allow joggers to stretch at the knees and buttocks.

"Those pockets" are the most comfortable pockets that don't stick out.

An exaggerated fit at the waist with an accent lace to match.

Cuffs at the bottom of the trousers for additional length adjustment.

Suitable for any shoe: from a flat stroke to a hairpin.

Composition: 50% cotton, 50% acrylic.

International size Russian size Chest (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm)
XS 42 80-82 60-62 86-90
S 44 82-86 62-66 90-94
S/M 44-46 82-94 62-74 90-102
M 46 90-94 70-74 94-102
L 48 94-102 74-80 102-108
L/XL 48-50 94-112 74-88 102-112
XL 50-52 102-108 80-88 108-112
2XL 54 108-114 88-94 112-118

  • hand washing in soap cool water up to 30* C with washing liquid for knitted wear;
  • do not twist or squeeze the product;
  • don’t bleach;
  • don’t tumble dry;
  • dry on a horizontal surface fully spread far from heaters.

Knitted wear in use can be tensioned. Permissible level is 2 cm.

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TE(MB)R’s signature packaging – reusable, recyclable, multipurpose. Simply beautiful and unique. We take care of the world and want to save it for those who will take care of the Earth after us.

We are for ecology, resources, deliberateness, forward thinking and justice. The Earth sheltered us and our mission is to take care of our home. TE(MB)R have designed the package that will live in your heart and (hope so) your home for a long time.

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